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Ocopa and Patrick 1.5

Hello, hello!
I was watching Glee last night and I realized... well, after very recently watching Willow and Tara on Buffy, I feel so much less excited about what we're given on television in terms of queer lady couples. How is it possible that ten years later it feels like we're actually getting less?

You know when you press record and then you actually didn't record and then you click to stop recording, but then you're actually recording? The point is... I didn't purposely cut Syd out of things.

My mom always sends me Peruvian things to eat and cook with. I recently had all this Huacatay paste and I didn't really know what to do with it... until I realized that's what you use to make Ocopa*! 
So... this was kind of experimental, but I think it came out pretty good!

Note that I am not very good at following recipes to the exact amounts. The following is roughly how we did it based on what I felt was right... and it'll probably change the next time I do it. 
You can click this link for more accuracy: I liked this website best

Huacatay Paste - full jar (the jar is about 7oz)
Aji Amarillo - a few tsps depending on how spicy you like things
Saltine crackers - 3 or 4
Peanuts - 1/4 of a cup
Potatoes - 3 or 4
Red Onion - 1/2
Garlic - 2 or 3 cloves
Vegetable oil 
Queso Fresco or Cottage Cheese - 2/3 cup
(the actual recipe calls for queso fresco, but cottage cheese can be used as a cheaper alternative) 
Evaporated milk - 1/2 cup or more
Eggs - one per person
Lettuce - a few leaves to garnish the plate

In a big pot, boil your potatoes. This should take about 30 - 40 minutes. You can add the eggs at about the 25 minute mark. You know the potatoes are ready when you can easily poke a fork through them.

While this is happening you can chop and sauté your onion. Add the garlic, huacatay and aji amarillo. Stir these all together and let it all cool. Don't let things get crispy.
Separately, combine chopped peanuts, crumbled crackers and cheese in a bowl. 
Put all of these things in a blender. Gradually add the evaporated milk to reach your desired creaminess. 

Once the potatoes and eggs are done, carefully rinse and peel them (they will be hot!) Cut the potatoes in half the long way and place them on your lettuce garnished plate. Pour your sauce (that's what you've got in the blender) onto the potatoes. Slice the eggs in half and place them on top of your creation. You can also add olives on top if you like that sort of thing.


*Ocopa is a traditional Peruvian dish from Arequipa. Huacatay is an herb found in Peru and other countries in that region of South America. You can get it in its herb form or in a paste which is also referred to as Black Mint Paste. 

Patrik 1.5 (2008)
Directed by Ella Lemhagen

As if adopting a child for a gay family wasn't an ordeal enough, when Sven and Göran finally complete their process it turns out that the cute month and a half year-old they were hoping for is actually a surly, homophobic 15 year old. Their ideal family takes a hit in more ways than one as this new stress turns out to be more than they can handle.

I initially expect this movie to be much more of a comedy, although now that I think about it there is nothing funny about homophobia so maybe I am glad it didn't actually go that way. Instead we see Patrik, the teenager, as sort of a voice for the entire town's subtle misgivings about a gay couple. From Göran's awkward work confrontations (he is a doctor) to neighbors' rude comments, it is clear that it would take more than a baby to make the new couple fit in.

It is also a story about Patrik learning to fit in. As he gradually grows to appreciate people and see them as people he relates to and that relate to him he becomes someone a family actually wants to adopt. For how all this finally plays out you will have to watch the movie yourself, but I will say that it ends well (and certainly has comedic moments).

Out of a cup-
Overall Rating:
Lore:  ½ cup 
Syd: ½ cup

Queer Rating:
Lore: 6/8 cup
Syd: 6/8 cup

See you next week! -Syd

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