Thursday, February 21, 2013

Season Two! Mazorcada and Les Amours Imaginaires

Welcome back. Where have you you been? We've been on hiatus! So I guess this is season 2?
The lateness of this is due partially to the loss of an audio clip that neither of us could find. Partially.
This week we watched Les Amours Imaginaires and made Mazorcada. Get it.

Ok, so lets talk about this mazorcada. It is crazy delicious and super easy/flexible. 

You need:
corn (fresh off the cob is far superior!)
potato chips

Then you can add:
chopped sausage/hotdog/chorizo
bell pepper

And you just fry things, in oil or butter, in a reasonable order. I usually add the corn last so it retains some of its raw crispiness. The chips you crumble and put on top once you're done. Usually you'd use these little potato shreds called "fosforos" (matchsticks) but I haven't found them in the States. Seriously, this is ridiculously delicious for breakfast (add an egg?), lunch, dinner, after drinking. 

All Corn All The Time might be my secret motto.

Les Amours Imaginaires
aka Hearbeats
2010 . directed by Xavier Dolan

The French title of this movie is the perfect summary... imaginary loves. I don't really know why they decided to go with "Heartbeats" for the english title, but that does generally happen with foreign films, doesn't it?

This is a Canadian film about two close friends who fall for the same person. Initially, Marie and Francis pretend they have no interest in the dashing young man they meet at a dinner party... but as the three become close friends, we find them competing, rather uncomfortably, for Nico's affection.

It's hard to say whether the interactions we see Nico have with the two friends is purposefully teasing and romantic, or if it's all just in Francis and Marie's own heads. I think we can probably all relate to this kind of situation though. Sometimes we just don't know if someone is into us or if we're being crazy... or if they're just fucking with us. It definitely kicks up the anxiety and crazy behaviors in us.

The film is very visually pleasing and has a great soundtrack as well. The story is also intertwined with clips of random, hip French Canadians talking about distraught love. It's quite enjoyable.

That's basically it. I liked it. Francis is my favorite. He's adorable.



Lore: 1/2 cob of corn
Syd: 1/2 cob of corn

Lore: 3/4
Syd: 7/8

See ya!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Well-Adjusted Queer Kids

So, this is not exactly a real update, I apologize if I got your hopes up. Then again, I don't, because this is just as awesome. 

So another one of my friends, Audrey, and I recently started a tumblr where we will put queer-related things we make. It's called Well-Adjusted Queer Kids because we are hoping to flesh out the queer narratives one often encounters that are usually depressed gay people or gay people as comic relief, when really queer people are pretty much just people (but cooler. jk. maybe). Anyway, check us out!

We will hopefully return to out regular programming in the not-too-distant future. -S