Saturday, October 20, 2012

Milanesas and My Summer of Love

Happy Weekend, friends!
I've seen and interacted with a number of known/famous people while living in LA and working where I do, but I have never been as star struck in everyday life as I was earlier this week. 
I wouldn't have thought that Ben Savage would have this effect on me... The more I thought about it though, I realized that he was a HUGE part of my childhood. My brothers and I (and I'm sure many of you in our generation) were raised on Boy Meets World. It's not about celebrity status, it's about the impact he had on my young life. Cory Matthews and the gang were our friends! We cared about them! ...  Is this weird? It feels weird writing it out like this. Let's move on.

A milanesa is basically just a breaded ... meat. It can be chicken, beef, fish, etc. It's very typical in Argentina and most of South America. It's a delicious thing to have all around the globe really, with different countries specializing in it in their own way. Add some fries and a salad, and you have yourself a well balanced dinner!

You will need:
- Thin steak cutlets (or other meat of your choice)
- Eggs
- Bread Crumbs (I usually have a batch that I acquired from putting stale french bread through a food processor and keeping it in a jar in the fridge. Or you can toast bread and then put it through the food processor.)
- Garlic
- Vegetable Oil
- Lime
- Sides (french fries, salad, fried egg, etc)

Begin by setting aside a bowl of whisked eggs and a bowl of bread crumbs. I like to mix in a diced garlic clove in the egg bowl. If you wish to have fries to accompany your meal, you should put those in the oven now too.

The most important thing to remember when making milanesas is to use very thin cutlets. You can use a kitchen hammer, or anything heavy, to pound down on your choice of meat to make it thinner if it isn't already. Once this is done, dip your meat into the egg bowl, making sure to completely drench it. The next stop is the bread crumb bowl. Bury the cutlet deep into the crumbs and roll it around. Make sure the meat is entirely covered in crumbs. 

Now you are ready for the frying pan! Use A LOT of oil to cook the milanesas, but please don't burn yourself (Syd has a tragic story about burning up an entire arm with hot oil). It should only take a few minutes to have both sides crispy and ready to go.

Once done, place your milanesa, fries and salad on a plate, and enjoy! Some people also like to add a fried egg on top of the finished product. The milanesa will be extra delicious drizzled in lime juice.

My Summer of Love (2004)
Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski

Girl meets girl from the other side of the tracks, they show each other their different lifestyles….oh and fall in love. Crazy love. 

Mona and her brother, her only remaining family member, live above a bar their family used to run. Now the brother has converted it into a church and Mona is not taking it well and feels like she's lost him. Tammy lives off in some mansion and has a horse and plays cello and name drops Nietzsche and Freud when they first hang out. She also has some family troubles, but largely just seems bored. 

They start hanging out all the time and quickly become entirely codependent. They are both hot-headed sort of people, so perhaps it is not surprising that things don't end as well as they might have…watch it so we can talk about it ok? Like, woah.
Queer Rating: (out of ten fries)
Lore: 2 fries
Syd: 2 fries   

Overall Rating:
Lore: 8½ fries
Syd: 7 fries

Fun fact: I'm largely culturally illiterate because I did not watch TV as a child and so had no idea who Ben Savage was. I just wanted to say that incase you didn't either and felt alone. I think the most famous person I've seen was the guy who played Wolverine, and that was not in LA but at a Renaissance Faire where I worked. (y'know what, it was fun and it payed well) It is true that I have a horrific oil burn story. You should ask me about it sometime, in retrospect it's quite humorous.  


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