Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Horchata and I Don't Want To Go Back Alone

So Lorena has no off days this week and things are generally a little busy, so this is sort of Dinner Date 4.5—we're not doing a vlog and it's a short and a drink recipe instead. But both are great so I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

When I left Bogotá there was a hole in my heart that I had normally filled with delicious fresh juices. Forced to move on from lulo and maracuyá, I latched on to the rice drink horchata. Hoping to curb my addiction's cost I decided to try making it, and it's easy! Witness:

Soak 2 cups of rice overnight in 3 cups of water with a cinnamon stick. (if you only have ground cinnamon, just throw some in later) 

The next day, throw it all in a blender for maybe 2-3 min. until smooth. 
Strain through something pretty fine, depending how you feel about chunks.
Add 3 cups of water, ⅓ cup of sugar (or to taste), and ½ tbs of vanilla.
Enjoy over ice or stick it in the fridge for later! (it will separate, don't worry, just shake before serving.)

There are many many variations I'm sure the internet can tell you all about if you want. Some people add almond milk instead of the later cups of water, or you can soak almonds with the rice in the beginning. The original horchata is from Spain and is made with chufa nuts, and several Latin American countries have some sort of variation to this Mexican version. It is delicious and refreshing, and pairs particularly well with spicy food. And rum. It keeps for about 5 days I'd say.

So now that you've got that…steeping?…it's time for the short. It's Brazilian and it's called "I Don't Want To Go Back Alone" (Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho) More young love, and not made any easier by the protagonist being blind. Super cute, give it a watch: 

Syd: Such a great idea, so well done. I like all the muted colors. Having Leonardo be blind is an interesting way of exploring attraction. Yes we can be drawn to looks, but in the end you need that chemistry, and that's what being queer is kind of about! Just going for what you want. All he knows about his friends is how they sound and interact, and (to Giovana's dismay) he naturally gravitates to Gabriel. Full disclosure: I totally see why the kids make fun of his typewriter, that would drive me crazy.

Lore: I had to work a lot this week. I apologize. 
This is an adorable short movie. My mom was sad for Leonardo because he's blind AND gay. She's right, it is unfortunate for him in our straight, seeing world, but the movie never seemed to expect us to pity or feel bad for the kid, which I really appreciated. It's nice to see real people portrayed in real situations that we all go through. Also, I love how stealthy Gabriel is.

Thanks for hanging out, and hopefully we'll see you next week. Until then, do you have any queer shorts you want to share? Post them in the comments and it'll be like a mini film festival!

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