Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carrot Kugel and Hard Candy

Whatup queers. We're here with episode twooooo. 

... I don't remember where I found the recipe that I found.
The point is that Kugel can be made in a variety of ways and with a variety of ingredients. It is a jewish dish made as a type of pudding or casserole. I think it is supposed to function more as a side dish ... and it also seems like people generally tend to make it into a sweeter dish.
We made a more savory casserole ... and I think that it was okay. So, I won't really share the exact recipe that we made (also because I can't find it and don't remember it).

We cooked 8 carrots and 1 potato. Mashed them all up. Added sugar, flour and an egg. Mashed more. Greased a casserole dish. Put the mashed food in the pan. In the oven for about 30 - 45 minutes. Wonderful.

What? Ok, this is me not being recipe-neurotic and finding a recipe. You'll figure it out.

Hard Candy (2005)
Directed by: David Slade

So we may have chosen this movie largely because we just wanted to watch it, not because we were looking for something super queer. (Although there are things on the internet about Ellen Page. Whatever.) Still, in it's own way it is pretty out there. The movie starts with young Hailey (baaaby Ellen) meeting up with significantly older Jeff in a cafe. They've been chatting online, and it seem Hailey is really interested in getting to know more about Jeff--so much in fact she convinces him to take her back to his place. 

Of course the viewer is thinking "no no no creepy old guy!" but that is of course not how things go down because Ellen Page always plays bamfs. Hailey suspects Jeff in the murder of another young girl and has been planning her revenge for a long time. When Jeff tries to plead innocent, saying he only took Hailey home because she "acted like an adult!" and that she "asked for it" Hailey points out that she's not an adult, he is, and it is still his responsibility to behave like one. I think our rape culture has a lot to learn in that little statement.

So I'll leave it at that and not give anything away, but this movie get's more intense than you might suspect. It is also awesome. It is also deliciously color corrected, so art eyes may want to look into it for that too. 

Also don't mess with Hailey/Ellen Paige, she's an honors student. 

Queer Rating: (out of 10 carrots)

Lore: 3
Syd: 1.5 carrots

Overall Rating:
Lore: 3-7, depending on mood
Syd: 6.5

See you later! -s

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