Thursday, September 6, 2012

Queer Sounds For Getting Down (Or For Life In General)

I had a witty opener all lined up, but then my cat did a flip while chasing a dustball and I completely lost my train of thought. Sorry, I'm sure you know how these pet things are. Or maybe you don't. It's ok, we can't all grow up to be cat ladies.*

Anyway, Lorena has a bug of some sort and I do not want to get that** so this week we are separately sharing some queer music videos with you instead! Maybe you can rock out to them while you cook up your own creation or use them as mood music or something. It is entirely your call, I just wanted a title that rhymed.

Avicii - Silhouettes
So depending where you hang out on the internet you may have heard about this, but just incase I thought I'd share. While neither the song nor artist are particularly queer, the video focuses on the transition of a trans woman. Aside the swift and unsubtle cucumber chop, I think it is a pretty well done video that doesn't sensationalize it or anything. It is not positing that to be a woman you need "the surgery," or that you need to be femme, that is just this particular character's life. Illustrating just changing pronouns or a less "traditional" journey would be tricky. Maybe they didn't even change pronouns! The point is just that they have moved into a new life adventure and are not looking back, and that Avicii, a comparatively mainstream artist, chose to illustrate that this way is kind of nice. But maybe you think otherwise? Holla.

Avicii - Silhouettes from House of Radon on Vimeo.

L.P. - Stupid Song
Aight, less chatter this time since L.P. can pretty much speak for herself. Androgynous queerio that can play the ukelele and whistle something fierce. I can't actually decide if I like her voice, but she seems way cool regardless. I really wanted to embed this video, but I can't, but you should watch it too. She's also done some good covers.

Bonus: Sam Sparrow's Black and Gold has been my latest guilty pleasure earworm, and he is a gay boy. Also, this Kaki King cover of LoveStoned. Also also Le1f, because he is proud to be a gay rapper, but yo, gay rap is not a genre.

So, that is what I am bringing to the musical potluck. What are you bringing? That's right, comment. I'm starting to feel like an angsty teen with a shitty xanga or something.    -Syd

*As people have pointed out, and I agree, I am actually already a grouchy old man. In the body of an artsy-grunge boi.
**Kind of kidding, but a chicken noodle soup dinner and a sickly video didn't sound like a good crowd-pleaser.

I have indeed fallen ill... I tried to ward the sickness off with lots of vitamin C pills and echinacea, but I suppose the road trip to San Fran didn't help much and may have even countered the effects of the aforementioned...
I have queer musical videos for you as well. My theme is silly pop.

Valeria (ft. Aria)  - Girl I told Ya
This song is very silly. This video is very silly. It is all just VERY silly. My friend Sarah and I discovered it a while back and I still think it's absolutely hilarious. I'm 99.9% sure this artist is actually straight and I don't really know what the reasoning behind this video was, but I totally dig the Victorian theme and video gaming going on here... amongst other things. Yeah, hate all you want, I think it's sexy:

Before Katy Perry's song about kissing a girl, but not actually kissing a girl for real, made it big, there was another artist who came out with a song of the same title. The video is also very silly, but I have a deep appreciation of what it was for the mainstream in the 90s and how progressive it actually continues to be today.
This is also one of the first songs I learned to cover and I enjoy it so very much.
I Kissed a Girl - Jill Sobule

Great! Hope you guys enjoyed, let us know what you think. 
We'll be back next week with a sweet video of US reviewing a movie and eating some food.

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