Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mini Cherry Pie and (original) D.E.B.S.

So it's another busy week—my first week of classes and I am volunteering with Outfest (woo!), and Lorena has the GRE—so we're going to go with another condensed post. Lucky for me actually, since with no video you don't get to see how I awkwardly dyed the side of my face when I re-did my hair. 

I couldn't decide on a simple recipe to share so instead I am going to link you to Fresh Cherry Hand Pies as explained by Dessert for Two. That whole site is probably relevant to your dinner-date interests since we don't do desserts but a thoughtful something-sweet can definitely improve your score for the evening. (or even help you score. Hah, ok let's agree to forget that I said that.)

Well hopefully you're doing productive things with your week too. Next week we will try to do our boozy guest post for reals, until then (and always), stay gold!


"Why don't you want me to meet your friends... Are you ashamed of me?"
Before becoming one of my favorite lesbian oriented movies of all time, D.E.B.S was a delightful 10 minute short. DEBS are an elite group of female super spies/crime fighters. Their arch nemesis, Lucy in the Sky, is constantly kidnapping a particular squad's leader, Amy. We come to find that the two have a much more complicated relationship than that of everyday villain and hero...
You can watch DEBS the short film by clicking here
(The feature film is also hilarious and easily found on the internets)

Cool things to note:
Tammy Lynn Michaels. 
Jill Ritchie, the wonderful actress who plays Janet, is kept on for the feature length version.
Both the short (2003) and the feature film (2004) were written and directed by Angela Robinson (The L Word, GirlTrash!)
Jordana Brewster (Fast and the Furious) plays Lucy in the feature.

The characters are wonderfully written, the plot is absolutely silly/amazing, and if you don't love it... then I don't want to be your friend.


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